What is Atmos R2: A Detailed Explanation

This is a vaporizer that is much different than the kind you’re used to seeing or using.

The Atmos R2 uses dry herbs and wax, it has a much bigger battery and this allows for more uses and longer draws for people who have bigger dosage requirements/needs.


What Does it Look Like?

It isn’t enormous. Don’t worry. In fact, it looks similar to the size and structure of other vaping pens. It simply has a bigger battery capacity which means it will last for more uses and give you more for your money. It may be your new favorite vaporizer.


No More Juices

With the Atmos R2 there is no more need to use vape juices. Dry herb is used instead. It has a glass screen filter to be inserted between the mouthpiece and the heating coil that you’ll need to put into place before use.

You add your dried herb to the chamber and follow the instructions for how to turn the chamber into heat mode and heat your product until it is hot enough to draw. You’ll note that it stays hot and gives you a very good amount of deep vapes.

3 to 5 draws from one heat is typical. They’ll be good draws, rich in flavor as well. This is a solidly made vaporizer with quality materials.


The Cons

The mouthpiece will get hot and the overall satisfaction with use is not being rated highly by those who are used to other vapes. Now, this could be due to the fact that people get used to things and change is hard, or it could just be that it simply doesn’t meet their expectations at all?

It is a decent starter for those who would like to try vaping that have not done it before and the vaporizer itself is heavy enough quality for that.


Overall Performance

The chamber is large which means you can load it pretty full and take off for the day with enough to last you for quite awhile. The battery does last a long time and if you aren’t going to use it excessively for more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time, you may avoid the mouthpiece getting hot.

Vaping is just one way of using cannabis. It is possible to consider using edibles as well, especiallly if you are new to using marijuana. The medical edibles include gummies and candies that are tasty and offer you small amounts per piece so you can control your dosages pretty closely as well.

However you choose to use your cannabis is up to you and there are so many ways, even topical, that you may want to try them all. The Atmos R2 is simply one of the many ways in which you might be able to get started.


Vaping vs Smoking and Other Methods of Delivery

Some people prefer the vaporization method over smoking as they feel it causes less coughing and burnin in the lungs. Vaping delivers a cleaner hit without all of the smoke that causes many people to dislike smoking weed.

If you have asthma, then smoking and vaping may not be the best for you. You should consider edibles, topicals, or even tinctures that can be taken without breathing anything into your lungs that may irritate COPD.

It is always advisable to speak to your doctor about these things to make sure that you are using the best method for yourself that will allow you to most quickly feel the benefits without causing any irritation to yourself in the process. You may try several methods before you settle on the one that works best for you.