Is Cannabis an Effective Treatment for Women Suffering From PCOS?

PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, impacts roughly ten percent of the US population of women. This is a painful condition that causes severe pain and makes normal menstruation much more difficult and painful, with cramping. It also makes pregnancy more difficult. Many women with PCOS have a difficult time conceiving.

The symptoms of PCOS start about the same time as puberty for girls, as soon as they start their periods. The main symptoms are:

  •         Ovarian cysts – which can rupture and cause excruciating pain
  •         High androgen levels
  •         Irregular period cycles/ovulation

Women with PCOS may experience weight gain, infertility, oily skin, dark skin patches, pelvic pain, dandruff, thickening of the uterine wall, and excessive hair growth. As you can see, it is not fun to be a victim of PCOS. Many girls are afflicted with it and suffering at a very young age and don’t even know what is wrong. Some will assume this is all normal. It isn’t.

While we still don’t know enough about PCOS, it is very common in women. It is most likely due to an imbalance in the reproductive hormones which leads to the surge in male hormones and too few female hormones. This disrupts the entire natural cycle in the female body. It can cause issues in reproduction and even in insulin resistance, leading to type two diabetes if not treated.

The ovaries actually become enlarged, and fluid builds which is called ‘immature ovarian follicles.’ The cysts form and the ovaries often fail to release eggs as they are supposed to in the normal menstrual cycle. This leads to fertility issues and also a lot of pain when cysts rupture. This ends in hospitalization for some women because the pain is so intense.

Periods may come every month and then not again for several months. There is no normal cycle for women with PCOS. If left untreated, PCOS can lead to endometrial cancer, uterine bleeding, and liver inflammation that is quite severe

Marijuana Yes or No?

Marijuana can help to alleviate the pain and the symptoms of overeating. The monthly bloating and weight gain due to water retention and the pain of cramps can be helped and alleviated to make life easier to deal with.

You should definitely speak with a doctor about the issue, especially if you are in a state with medical marijuana as the doctor will likely prefer you to use marijuana oil. This will ensure that you are getting a proper dosage, which may need to be relatively high in order to combat the symptoms of PCOS.

There are four strains of marijuana that have been proven to be the most effective to date. This may change as new strains are developed constantly.

The strains available presently for PCOS symptoms are:

  • Granddaddy Purple – Symptoms that are helped with this strain include insomnia, muscle spasms (cramps), loss of appetite. This is a very relaxing strain with a slight flavor of grapes and berries.


  •  Sunset Sherbert – This one has been around a long time and it is less toxic than conventional medications. It is very tasty and can help reduce stress, improve appetite, relieve depression and relieve chronic pain. In large doses, it will also help with sleeping patterns. This particular strain will also allow you to stay more functional as well.


  • Mr. Nice – Very much like Sunset Sherbert with a fruity flavor, this guy is known as a creeper. That means that it hits you a little late. Don’t adjust your doses too much until you learn how it works in your system and the time it takes to hit you. It’s a cross between Hash and G-13.


  • Remedy – This one is known for alleviating PCOS and anxiety. It’s crossed between Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic. If you are more prone to anxiety with your menstrual cycle, and some women are, this one may be the best choice for you.

Smoking, vaping, oils, and edibles are all popular treatment methods with marijuana but again, your doctor may well recommend that you do marijuana oil so you can give a more precise dose to yourself. This is truly the best way to track if it is helping you or not. You’ll know whether your dosage needs to be increased and you’ll be able to make those adjustments more properly if you’re tracking the dosage and number of them you are taking each day.

There is some speculation that PCOS may be an issue with the Endocannabinoid System in the body not doing its job properly and that may be the reason that cannabis helps. Since far too little is truly understood about PCOS, this remains elusive but research may just find the link one day.

For now, women can definitely get a great deal of relief from cannabis to help with the pain, mood swings and even the metabolic issues such as insulin resistance. Using cannabis under a doctor’s care is the best way to go about things, as we’ve established that PCOS can cause a host of other issues and some of them are very dramatic and could be harmful on a permanent basis.

Don’t ignore your symptoms and don’t assume that they are normal either. Seek help and with the right help, you can get relief from the pain. You can also seek help in fertility treatments that have successfully helped women with PCOS conceive when they didn’t think that they could.