What is Cannabis Soap?

With the explosion of cannabis products on the market, it should be no surprise to anyone that soap infused with cannabis now exists. You can find the most beautifully, eye-pleasing bars of cannabis soap online and they have such interesting additional ingredients; everything from African shea butter, to mint, or even raw honeycomb.

When you combine the amazing benefits of cannabis (yes, it is amazing for your skin) with the benefits of honey, how can you possibly go wrong? Shea butter has been used as a skin cream and ingredient in skin care products for as long as skin care products have been a thing.


Is Cannabis Soap Legal?

Since the big upswing in cannabis sales for both hemp and marijuana with changes in restrictions over the last decade, the public cry for hemp products – also a form of cannabis – has been loud and clear.




The soaps are made with the type of cannabis that is legal everywhere and while there is no specific claim to having benefits from the hemp for remedy purposes, it is purely an addition to the soaps for the natural oils and benefits to the skin.

Cannabis has cannabinoid compounds in it that have been proven to be highly effective at reducing inflammation and also has an antiseptic quality.

This means that it has been a good product to help clear acne and improve the condition of skin for many years, and people are able to now purchase the products once again, thanks to the easing of regulations on cannabis products made with hemp.

Hemp is a relatively new product for market since it was just listed as a product that can be bought and sold again, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018.


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This means that growers and marketing gurus are seeking new products and ways to make money from hemp crops. Industrialized hemp has seen a jump of 300% in the number of farmers applying to grow it.

Hemp is a hearty plant and it may just be the perfect situation for farmers to save their livelihood, considering the climate change and drought in some areas with flooding in others. Hemp can be grown indoors with grow lights and it is a crop that requires very little water in comparison to other crops.

This is why you are seeing it in products like soap, facial products, dietary supplements, textiles, clothing, paper products and more. It’s the new cash crop that everyone is betting on and soap is another of the ways in which it can be used.

It doesn’t hurt that the cannabis soaps are very nice, appealing to a wide audience. Whether you just like natural soaps, are looking for more biodegradable and earth friendly soaps, or you have a complexion issue that you’d like to try to clear-up with cannabis, cannabis soaps will appeal to you most certainly.

If you do have psoriasis or acne and don’t want to smoke marijuana or ingest CBD oils, then the cannabis soap may be exactly what you need as a product. If you are looking for a bar of this soap, you can expect to pay a price in the range of $8 to $10 per bar. There are many places that will carry it near you or you can find it online very simply as well.


If you have a condition that causes joint pain, you may wish to try using cannabis soap in conjunction with your normal oral doses of either marijuana or CBD, to help support the body where the pain is localized. You’ll benefit by receiving topical