What is Cannabis Soap?

With the explosion of cannabis products on the market, it should be no surprise to anyone that soap infused with cannabis now exists. You can find the most beautifully, eye-pleasing bars of cannabis soap online and they have such interesting additional ingredients; everything from African shea butter, to mint, or even raw honeycomb. When you …

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What is Hemp Tea?

You have probably heard of hemp. You’ve likely also heard about CBD made from hemp, but have you heard about hemp tea? If you aren’t drinking it yet, you should. We’ll tell you why.   How is it Made? Teas are traditionally made with ‘tea leaves’ and it originated in Asia. Steeping leaves in hot …

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What is Hemp Leaf?

The leaves of the hemp plant are not as useful as the flowering bud but they do serve as being useful, nevertheless. Thinner than the leaves of the marijuana plant, they have a similar look and unless you are an expert or comparing the two plants side by side, you may not be able to …

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