Details About High CBD Hemp Seeds

First of all, what are hemp seeds? Hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant known as hemp, not from the other cannabis plants such as marijuana Indica or marijuana Sativa. Hemp seeds don’t typically have much, if any CBD (cannabidiol) in them.

In fact, hemp seeds have been available in grocery stores as a nutritional supplement and salad topper for a very long time. They are very tasty and they have absolute loads of omega oils in them – 3, 6, and 9, which is quite rare. They are a superfood.

Hemp seeds can contribute to heart health and be included in smoothies, salads and in soups or even included in other meals.

There are, however, high hemp CBD seeds are available. These are specifically grown and cultivated for their high levels of CBD. The strains that produce hemp seeds with high levels of CBD are:

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Afghan Skunk
  • Yellow Lemon Haze
  • AK47 AUTO
  • Amnesia Haze AUTO
  • Low Rider AUTO

A Little About CBD

CBD is a compound that occurs naturally in cannabis. It is a cannabinoid; one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in cannabis and there are others found around the world in other plant species, but CBD is only found in cannabis.

CBD is known also as cannabidiol and is one of the two most researched cannabinoids on the planet, the other being THC. These both have received a lot of research due to the popularity of marijuana and the legalization of medical marijuana since 1996 in California.

The use of marijuana for chronic conditions, diseases and pain has increased gradually ever since California chose to pass legislation that allowed for medical use in their state.

Over the last thirty years, several other states have also legalized medical use marijuana and other states are debating the issue.

The trend is leaning toward a national decriminalization act at some point in the near future. Some say that will never happen but others insist that it is coming and will happen in the next decade. At any rate, marijuana and CBD use are on the rise.

In fact, one of the fastest growing age groups for medical marijuana use is those over the age of fifty. The reason for this may be that those people grew up with recreation (and illegal) marijuana use.

They were from a generation that gradually stopped using it for fun but now that it is legal and more readily available, they are rediscovering it for the joint aches and pains that come from getting older.

CBD has been researched for its effectiveness on pain, inflammation and much more. The data has been been very conclusive that CBD helps with pain and inflammation both, acting as an analgesic and pain blocker. CBD also interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in the body to help prod it into high gear, giving the immune system a boost, promoting better pain management, blocking signals to the brain that can trigger seizures and even emotional responses such as depression or anxiety.

Due to the incredibly high antioxidant value in CBD oils and hemp seeds, the body gets a super shot of immune system boost and the omega oils help to thin the blood naturally, having an anticoagulation effect that keeps clots from forming, lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease. As you can see, CBD is an amazing addition to anyone’s diet for nearly any reason. You can definitely enjoy far better health when you use CBD as a supplement.

What to Expect

CBD has many potential health benefits but there are also some potential drawbacks to eating high CBD hemp seeds that you should know, particularly in cases where you are under a doctor’s care.

Potential allergies – it is pretty unusual to have an allergic reaction to hemp seeds but you should always be prepared for the potential of a reaction to any new food that you try.

Overuse indications – Some people will find that their system is a bit touchy and if they take too many hemp seeds or CBD at one time, diarrhea may develop. In extreme cases of diarrhea, a headache may accompany from dehydration and stomach cramps may also happen. Stop eating hemp seeds or taking CBD until the symptoms subside. This usually happens in less than 24 hours. Resume use at a lower dose and frequency and you should not have the symptoms come back.

Contraindications with some medications – As mentioned earlier, CBD is a natural blood thinner. For most people this is fantastic but for some people, it is problematic if they are already taking blood thinning medications. You should consult with your doctor about possible interactions with any medications and prescriptions that you are currently on.

There are no other known complications from the use of CBD. Most people tolerate it very well and never have a negative reaction. Of those who do have reactions, it is typically just soft stools in the beginning until their body adjusts. Just don’t dive in and eat an entire bag of high CBD hemp seeds in one day and you’ll most likely be fine.

You won’t be able to find these hemp seeds in the supermarket just yet, but you can find them online and in some dispensaries in states that have legal medical marijuana. The day will come when you will find these products locally though. There are CBD coffee shops opening in cities like Houston, TX, a place where no one would have expected CBD to be welcomed. It is coming.