How to Use CBD Isolate Slab

CBD is one of the hottest products to ever come from hemp. With the legalization of it in all fifty states, CBD has helped millions of Americans with everything from anxiety to pain, even seizures.

CBD has helped many people to be able to reduce the medication they are on for anxiety, reduce the use of prescription pain pills for some people, and even help some people break addictions to things like opioids or cigarettes.

CBD isolate slab is CBD that has been extracted from hemp in powder form, then heated to form a slab, which actually resembles a clear crystal. It has no taste, smell, or terpenes at this point and this is why some people prefer it to other forms of CBD.

As an isolate, it has no other cannabinoids in it either. You are getting nothing but pure CBD (cannabidiol). Many people are not familiar with this version of CBD as it is relatively new to the market.


What Does CBD Isolate Slab Taste Like?

It honestly has no flavor. This makes it preferable to those who are very sensitive to the flavor and taste of cannabis, or who simply don’t want to smell like cannabis at their workplace or around their family. Aside from having no taste, there is also no smell.

One of the major pluses in using CBD Isolate is that there is no THC in it at all. This means that there is zero chance of failing a drug test if you live in a state that still allows employers to discriminate on the basis of that in your system, despite the legalization of the CBD products.

Full-spectrum CBD products do have a tiny amount of THC in them — .03% is allowable by law and that tiny trace could potentially set-off a positive result on a drug test. This can get you fired at some places that do random testing or keep you from getting hired if you are currently seeking a job.

This makes isolate a popular product for these people as it still has many good qualities that help with chronic conditions of all sorts.

How Do You Use 99+% Pure CBD Isolate Slab From Hemp

Using the slab is actually very simple because you can simply dab it under your tongue and use it in this way. Some people prefer CBD isolate powder because they can dip their finger in it and then dab it under their tongue but the results are the same.

What Is CBD Isolate Slab

Unlike CBD shatter, which is similar in consistency, it has no terpenes or other cannabinoids in it at all. Shatter tends to have an amber color while slab is clear. You are getting the purest version of CBD isolate available.

It is very simple to use and works for many things for which cannabidiol is the best source of help. Seizures are but one example of a chronic issue that CBD can be the best cannabinoid for. It is so effective that cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the primary ingredient in the newest anti-seizure medication available to those who suffer from epilepsy.

FDA approved, Epidiolex is one of the most powerful anti-seizure drugs in America, thanks to isolated CBD.

How To Take CBD Isolate Slab

CBD slab is easy to mix in drinks and in oils. It is oil soluble and can be mixed easily into any heated oil. You can also mix it into a hot cup of coffee if you so choose. Some people prefer using the powder form in this way, but slab also works for these purposes. You can dab it under your tongue by breaking off pieces of the crystal-like slab.

Since there is no smell or taste, you can take the slab very inconspicuously, regardless of where you are and keep it easily in a jar or container that seals.

You should be careful with it as children may think that it is a form of candy, however. Hide it in a safe place, out of reach of children. While it is generally safe, too much could cause issues, and children should never use CBD without parental supervision.


How To Mix CBD Isolate

If you want to mix it into an oil, you need to heat the oil that you intend to use as your carrier oil and be sure not to overheat it. Some oils will break down and begin to smoke quite easily, these should be heated slowly and at a low temperature. Mix your slab into the oil in pieces and stir until it is fully dissolved.

Once you’ve mixed it into oil, you’ve created your own CBD oil and can bottle it and keep it for use as you like. This can be added to coffee, stirred into drinks of all sorts, and even added to salads as part of the dressing. It will taste like the carrier oil that you choose to mix it with.

If you are mixing it with your coffee, simply add it and mix it well. Drink while still hot as it may try to separate due to being oil soluble.

If your cup gets too cool, you’ll want to reheat it and stir well again. You can also mix a few drops into an alcoholic beverage if you choose, for an additional mood enhancement that can offset the sometimes ‘downer’ effect of alcohol.

One major benefit of buying CBD Isolate Slab is that it is cheaper, due to no other terpenes or cannabinoids present within it. This makes it a reasonable way for most anyone, with any budget, to afford the uplifting benefits of CBD in its purest form.

It also helps that there is no trace of THC in your system to cause any issues with operating machinery or failing a drug test. CBD will elevate your mood and actually make you more focused than usual, having a positive impact on your ability to concentrate.