Can CBD lower your Blood Pressure

Can cannabis lower blood pressure? It’s a great debate that has been going on for decades. Some studies show that it lower BP while others show that it raises it. So what the hell is going on?

Thanks to one study we now know the answer. But first we need to cover some background info.

What is CBD and its Relation to Cannabis?

Buckle up because we’re going fast.

1. Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants with two subgroups: Marijuana and Hemp.

2. Both marijuana and hemp contain the same compounds such as CBD and THC.

3. While most compounds in cannabis aren’t psychoactive, one, in particular, is: THC

4. Hemp has low levels of THC to the point where it can’t cause a high

5. Marijuana has lots of THC, and the amount of THC in a cannabis plant t is what separates hemp and marijuana.

6. We take CBD products from hemp, and while they are called CBD, they really contain all the compounds from hemp including traces of THC.


Don’t worry if you’re feeling confused, cannabis’ lingo is a nightmare even for the best. Plus, we’ve just covered decades of research, so give yourself a pat on the back for digesting so much info.

Does Cannabis Lower Blood Pressure?

In truth, it appears cannabis can both lower and raise blood pressure, and it all has to due with its THC to CBD ratio. When there’s lots of THC to little CBD, blood pressure is more likely to raise. The more CBD to THC there is in a cannabis product, the more likely it will lower your blood pressure.

We finally know this thanks a 2017 study that left THC out of the study, and confirmed that:

“CBD reduces resting BP and the BP increase to stress in humans, associated with increased HR.” We also know that CBD lowers blood pressure by acting as a vasodilator and expanding the arteries and blood vessels for more blood flow without an increase in pressure.”


Benefits To CBD Lowering Blood Pressure

Most of us can benefit from having are blood pressure a little lower, and this means there are lots of positives that can come from CBD lowering it.

Studies have seen that CBD’s ability to lower blood pressure can help with: Cardiovascular health, Neuroprotection, and Hypertension.

CBD will only moderately lower blood pressure and is unlikely to replace blood pressure medication or cure conditions like hypertension. However if CBD was strong enough to do that, then it wouldn’t be appropriate for so many other conditions.

Negative Consequences to CBD Lowering Blood Pressure

It’s not every day that you hear about CBD having a side effect, and that’s a testament to its incredibly safe side-effect profile.

While there are cases where CBD lowering blood pressure is beneficial, there are times when it might not be.

High blood pressure is detrimental to Glaucoma, and you’ll sometimes see it listed as a medical condition CBD can help with. However, it recommended you don’t use CBD if you’re suffering from glaucoma. The problem is due to how CBD lowers blood pressure.

When CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, it creates a very fast and moderate drop in blood pressure before coming back up to levels lower than before it was administered.

Most people have no issues with this, while a rare few may feel dizzy for a few seconds. This rapid spike in blood pressure can cause stress on the eyes if you’re suffering from glaucoma.

There are not a lot of studies on it, but the few out there fall on the side that CBD may worsen a person’s glaucoma.


Thanks to through research, we know that CBD has a slight effect on lowering blood pressure and that this is more likely to benefit than hurt.

At the same time, if you have a condition that is sensitive to rapid blood pressure changes, like glaucoma, and you may want to stay away from CBD as it may worsen the condition.

All-and-all, CBD continues to offer help in multiple areas of our health without bringing a long list of side effects.

With confirmation that CBD can lower blood pressure, it will be exciting to see how it’s incorporated in the future to treat high blood pressure. In fact, you yourself can start taking advantage of CBD ability to lower BP now.

If you’re a toker, the next time you find your marijuana strain is raising your blood pressure, consider taking some CBD to mellow it out. CBD balances out THC in multiple places reducing its ability to cause paranoia, trigger the munchies, and you guessed it raise your blood pressure.