Can CBD Oil Help With Your Beard Health?

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol, a compound that comes from cannabis but does not cause you to get high. It has no effect on the brain or on cognitive function in any way. While you don’t get high from using it, you can feel incredibly better if you had pain or suffer from symptoms associated with many chronic conditions. Some of the conditions that we know CBD helps are:

  •         Parkinson’s disease tremors
  •         Epileptic seizures
  •         Arthritis pain
  •         Fibromyalgia
  •         Depression
  •         IBS
  •         Crohn’s Disease
  •         Diabetes regulation
  •         Stroke recovery and prevention
  •         Cancer treatment relief of nausea
  •         Possible anti-cancer supplement
  •         Aid in withdrawals and cravings of addictive drugs and nicotine
  •         Mood disorders
  •         Anxiety
  •         PTSD

And much more.

Of all the things that CBD oil does above, it also can help to keep the body generally balanced and extremely healthy. It even will promote hair health and that includes facial hair health.

Beards are back in style. Men are dressing in a modern rockabilly style blended with lumberjack for a new take on beards and short hair styles. For some men, this is problematic because they don’t have the ability to grow a healthy looking beard and this leaves them feeling left out. Whether they have bad skin or patchy beards they can grow fuller, healthy beards by using CBD. They will be able to have more bulk, length and shine if they supplement with CBD oil. Let’s discuss the four main ways that your beard can look its absolute best.

1) Hair is made of keratin. Keratin is a protein and it will be found in all body hair. CBD is an antioxidant rich, loaded with Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s and even Omega 9 fatty acids. These acids are also known as GLA, which is short for Gamma Linoleic Acids.

GLA is a compound that helps the body add protein content to hair. That means hair becomes fuller, grows faster, and looks healthier. The hair strands become stronger individually, which makes your head of hair thicker and will do the same for facial hair. The best part is that it begins working almost immediately after the first use.

Omega oils promote heart health because they improve blood circulation. Because of this, they also help hair follicles to be healthier with improved circulation. When the hair follicle is healthy, it produces healthier hair. This means that CBD oil may also help to promote hair growth on the head for those who are balding or know they are at risk for male pattern balding. You can still have a thick beard, even if you are already bald though.

2) CBD oil is a moisturizer, full of natural oil that will work a kind of magic on your skin and beard hairs. Hair loss on the beard can happen. Beard hair can get dry and brittle. Run your fingers through your beard. Is it coarse and brittle? These hairs are likely to break. Playing with your beard and twisting it in your fingers can break hairs off because they are so dry that it is brittle limb of a tree that easily snaps when you pull.

This brittle breakage will cause you to have thin spots, shorter hairs and to lose volume. You can’t have a thick, full beard if hairs are snapping off like crazy. If your hair on your head is brittle and breaking easily, you can use the oil there too.

3) CBD oil is a rich moisturizer. It’s loaded with Vitamin E which is essential to having healthy skin, nails and hair. When you work oil into your beard or the hair on your head you’ll notice that even your hands become softer. It will moisturize your beard and create an incredible sheen that you’ve never had before as well. Within days you will notice that your beard is getting softer. It will change from a coarse, bristled brush, to soft and supple. Why have a face full of itchy, rough Brillo pad that your partner doesn’t want to snuggle?

If you want to style your mustache or beard and tame the errant hairs, CBD oil will also work in that fashion as well.

4) Moisturize the skin under your beard too. Your skin is more important than the hair on your face. CBD oil will be absorbed into the hair of your beard and work its way down to the skin below.

It won’t clog your pores, don’t worry. It’s a healthy skin treatment and if you could see your skin under the beard, you’d notice that it starts to glow. CBD can help remedy the following issues with skin:

  •         Dry, flaky skin (dandruff on the scalp)
  •         Red skin
  •         Itching skin
  •         Acne
  •         Inflammation

You may think that CBD oil is greasy but once it is absorbed into the hair of your beard and your skin, it doesn’t leave any oily residue. In fact, it is very mild and easy to get used to using.

After showering and washing your beard is the best time to apply your oil. Use a beard soap if you haven’t already got one. They are formulated to ensure that you’ve got the best formulation that won’t strip your beard of essential oils and make it dry.

Place a few drops of CBD oil in your hand and begin rubbing it into your beard. Don’t overdo it. Rub the oil into your beard very thoroughly and work it into the skin below. Add in the morning and in the evening for the best results.