CBD Oil For Back Pain

If you are suffering from pain in the back, especially nerve pain, CBD Oil may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. With the problems in America, and around the world, with drug addiction to pain meds, many people are very hesitant to take anything prescribed for pain from a doctor.

This does not leave a lot of solutions, but this article will show you that you do have options and there is hope for your back pain relief.

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol, a cannabinoid compound. A cannabinoid is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in cannabis plants and has the same basic composition that identifies it as a cannabis compound, found only in those plants. THC is also a cannabinoid.

These are the two that we hear the most about. THC Is tetrahydrocannabinol and it is responsible for the high that people get from marijuana.

CBD and other plant cannabinoids will bind with receptors in our bodies that are part of something called the Endocannabinoid System, the ECS. The ECS is in humans and all other mammals. This system creates its own cannabinoids, referred to as endocannabinoids.

Endo simply means “within” and therefore these are cannabinoids that come from within. Our bodies rely on endocannabinoids to maintain our moods, regulate our immune system, and help alleviate pain naturally.

When CBD, or any other cannabinoid, is introduced to the body, they react with the ECS. Sometimes they bind with the receptors, as CBD and THC do, and some of them only act as antagonists to get the system to produce more of something else.

How Does It Work?

When CBD enters the body, it enters the bloodstream through either absorption or digestion. Once it is in the bloodstream, it seeks out Cannabinoid Receptors, of which there are two types. CB1 receptors are primarily located in the brain.

THC likes those receptors the most and will seek them. CB2 receptors are located in other areas of the body. CB2 receptors are typically concentrated in the gut area, near the stomach, the intestines, and mid-section. CBD seeks out those.

Once CBD has found a receptor, it binds to it like a key unlocking a door. The binding process creates a tiny lipid molecule which is released to the neural network, where it travels, on its way to cells that need it. As it travels the neural network, it coats the lining of the nerve tissue, giving them a protective coat that acts like a knight’s armor.

When the neural network is protected, so are your memories, brain function, and you may also find relief from neuropathy and other types of nerve damage.

As this molecule is traveling, it is also taking up space and blocking some things from making their way in the opposite direction, toward the brain. These things are messages and signals from the body that are telling the brain there is an injury, or sadness, or anxiety (or thinks there is a need for reacting to these things).

Typically, the brain would get the message and immediately tell the body to react, which is when you feel grief, depression, anxiety, panic, and pain.

When the brain never gets this message or only a few instead of a bombardment, then the pain is less or not at all. There can be no reaction to a message never received, you see. This is a very basic way to explain so that anyone can understand the gist of it.

Why You Should Choose CBD

For starters, CBD works very well. CBD is also a natural product that has not been proven to have any ill side-effects. Just about the worst thing that can happen is that you take too much CBD oil and the oil that is the carrier agent (quite often coconut oil but can be any type of natural oil) will give you a case of diarrhea.

CBD can benefit pain very well and it also helps with a plethora of health issues. CBD has been researched more than the other cannabinoids and is still the topic of more research. So far, one very effective medication has been developed for those with Epilepsy, called Epidiolex.

This was approved by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) which was a very big step in viewing cannabinoids as having a meaningful contribution to science and medicine in America and around the world.