Can CBD Oil Help Reduce Acne?

You’ve probably heard that people are taking CBD oil to relieve pain from arthritis, control seizures and reduce symptoms from chronic diseases but you may not have heard it is great for skin too. CBD can bring relief to painful acne, refresh the cells of the skin and help you look younger and glow.

Can CBD Oil Help Reduce Acne?

The endocannabinoid system has a second system in the body that operates just on the skin. When cannabinoids are introduced to the body topically, this system absorbs them and uses them in the same way as the internal ECS. The cells are rejuvenated and the antioxidants give skin a radiant glow.

Pores are cleansed due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. The inflammation of acne is painful. The skin is inflamed and the sores hurt. They fester and full with pus that is unsightly and causes a fair amount of awkwardness in those who suffer with the condition – it’s embarrassing to walk around with constant breakouts.

Teenagers are especially susceptible to this issue due to hormones and kids are cruel to each other at that age. Nicknames like ‘pizza face’ are not uncommon. No one has to go through this. Using CBD oil can help clear the problem up at its root. CBD oil also promotes very soft and supple skin.

Not only has CBD helped with acne, it can also bring relief to those who suffer with eczema. Dry skin, calluses, and red patches, even dark age spots can be alleviated with some CBD oil rubbed directly into the skin.

Creams exist that already have CBD in them or you can mix your own if you like. Plain oil can be used topically or orally as well. If you have scalp issues, CBD infused shampoos can help psoriasis and dandruff. You don’t have to suffer with constant skin ailments. Using CBD products is easy because they are very available to anyone in all fifty states now.

Research has proven that the anti-inflammatory impact of CBD for acne and other skin conditions is very effective and best of all, it’s safe. CBD isn’t harmful, it won’t make anyone high, it is perfectly legal to use these products and even children or animals can benefit without fear.

CBD is not addictive no matter how it is used. You can use it only when necessary and it begins working right away. You won’t have to wait weeks for results when you use CBD to clear up sore skin, red spots and dry patches. You’ll see dark spots begin to fade within days as CBD begins going to work within minutes of rubbing it in.

If you have under the eye dark rings and crows feet, try rubbing CBD oil or cream into these problem areas as well. You’ll find that lines fade, dark circles melt away and your face and skin overall will begin looking younger than you ever imagined that you could. CBD oil is an amazing product that may also be an anti-cancer addition to your regime.

When CBD has been used with mice and gerbils, it slows cancer growth , even reduced the size of existing tumors. It may very well help to ward off skin cancers and there is no harm in using it as a possible way of keeping your skin healthier in this way.

When it comes to skin cancer, it may very well be exposure to the sun combined with free radicals in your system that cause cancers to start and spread. Antioxidants help the fighting of free radicals in your bloodstream which are suspected to be the main cause of cancer. This means that using antioxidant-packed CBD oil products is good for you no matter the reason.

Make CBD a part of your daily rituals and your skin will look great in on time and you’ll feel fantastic too. Once in your body, CBD can do a plethora of things, including easing joint pain by getting right down to the source. If you use it topically for something like knee pain, you can expect that it may take up to two hours for full absorption and full effect.

The impact of CBD on your health is totally good. Negative effects are few and far between. Side-effects are very rare but may include diarrhea, rash, headache or nausea and cramps. Discontinue use for several days and resume again at lower dosage and typically the side effects will disappear.

There is no real danger in using CBD and it has been safely used on children and even for pets. Animals also have an ECS and produce their own cannabinoids just like we do. In fact we know birds and fish do too.

When you choose your products, look at reviews and if you buy oil, ask for third-party testing results. You’ll want to make sure that your oil is quality and that there are no toxins or heavy metals in it. You’ll see clearly on the report if your CBD oil was a pass or fail. You don’t need to spend a fortune but it is worth the money to buy American grown (sourced) oils and products. There are many in NC, CO, and other states in America that are organically grown and stamped with approval from the FDA.

The oils from China may be a bit cheaper but in testing they’ve been found to have a lot of heavy metals and toxic materials from the soil they were grown in. It’s worth the little extra to make sure you are getting a very good quality product.