Can CBD Oil be Vaped?

CBD oil as it is should not be vaped because it has been formulated for oral use. That said, you can get tinctures and blends that are specially made to be vaped. Let’s talk about vaping versus oral use, pros and cons, and why you would choose one way or the other.

What is Vaping?

Vaping means the inhalation of vaporized products, usually in an e-cig device. These aren’t tobacco smoke products. They are specific products, usually with propylene glycol additives that are designed to be heated and inhaled. This is actually an aerosol product, not a vapor. Some of the products are toxic so you should read labels very carefully.

Vaping is extremely popular and has risen to be one of the main ways that CBD is used in the United States. Specialized devices are used and they look like an old fountain pen so they often are referred to as ‘vape pens’ or the name MODS.

The MODS device is powered by a battery and has a heating component that heats the liquid, called vape juice. This turns the liquid into vapor which can be inhaled. Vape juices that are blended with CBD oils are very popular and can come in many flavors, from bubble gum flavor to Marguerita.

Vape juices can also be blended and created to your own personal desires. Some shops allow you to create your own flavors and the MODS can be personalized with parts that can be removed and replaced and interchanged. Some people invest a lot of money in their vaping equipment and their juices.

Benefits of Vaping

Those who vape may do so because vaping allows uptake of the CBD into the bloodstream faster. Once in the lungs, CBD is absorbed in the blood supply within minutes, completely bypassing the digestive process. This makes the vaping more desirable to those who are using CBD for panic and anxiety.

It allows the user to take CBD at the very moment they feel anxiety coming on. This means they can use only as necessary and no one even knows they are using CBD as it smells like any other vaping juice.

For those who are trying to quit smoke, vaping can replace the habit of cigarettes quite nicely and the CBD also works to curb the cravings of nicotine and tobacco. CBD has been handing in reducing cravings for eating and for drug abuse as well.

Vaping my help you curb a craving when you know you aren’t actually hungry. Unlike THC, CBD will not make you hungry but it will help regulate the appetite. If you’ve been undereating, you will eat more when on CBD oil. If you are emotionally eating, CBD will curb that craving.

Cons of Vaping

Vaping juices have chemical additives;  that means they aren’t as good for you as oral CBD oil is. Vaping is also potentially dangerous to the lungs. THose who have COPD issues, such as asthma, should under no circumstances vape. This will exacerbate asthma symptoms.

Some of the equipment for vaping has come under fire for exploding batteries. One person has died and others have been horribly disfigured from the explosion in their face. The tube that holds the juice is typically glass, which means that it turns into a projectile and could make vaping be considered potentially dangerous to your health.

Popcorn lung is a risk with vaping as well. Popcorn lung is a condition where the smallest airways of the lungs become damaged, making it harder to breathe. The afflicted will feel chronic shortness of breath. It is caused by breathing in certain chemicals, such as the same chemical used to flavor popcorn at the theater, hence the nickname for the condition.

Whether you choose to vape or not, the decision is yours. There are both pros and cons and you should take them both into consideration. If you are not sure if your lungs are healthy prior to vape, see your doctor and be sure that you are not already afflicted with asthma, as many people go undiagnosed. It is generally safe but as with most things, there are always some risks and you should weigh these factors with seriousness.