The Definitive Guide to Dabbing CBD

In the last few years dabbing marijuana and high-THC concentrates have become incredibly popular due to its ability to deliver a fast and potent high. But dabbing doesn’t have to get you massively stoned or stoned at all.

Now, people are dabbing the CBD product that they use for therapeutic support all without feeling high. In fact, some CBD users say dabbing CBD is their preferred way to consume it.

For many new to dabbing, the setup of the dab rig can be quite frightening in its faux-complexity and need of a torch, but with a few tips, it’s really quite simple. So is dabbing right for you?

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a form of vaporizing designed to deliver highly concentrated vapor from cannabis extracts which most people feel instantaneously.

It’s composed of a dab rig which captures the vapor, a heating element, a wand for handling the concentrate, and a torch. A dab is any concentrate that is vapable such as wax or shatter — CBD oil is not vapable.

Why Dab CBD?

There are two main reasons why people dab CBD.

• Potency – CBD concentrates are typically 90% concentrated making dabbing the best consumption method for people who use CBD at high dosages.

• Immediate Effects – Most people report near-instantaneous relief when dabbing CBD. Faster than sublingual use — with a more pleasant flavor — and much faster than edibles which can take an hour or more. When you’re in the middle of something like a panic attack, dabbing’s ability to deliver faster effects over any other administering method is a lifesaver.

As a bonus, dab concentrates tend to be higher quality compared to the random CBD product on the market.

Types of CBD Concentrates

This doesn’t go for all CBD concentrates, but usually, the best ones are extracted through CO2 extraction. Alcohol and butane are safe as well, but are more uncommon methods. There are several forms of CBD concentrates, but most are just slight variations of each other so don’t get too bogged down by them.

• Butter – Has a highly whipped and soft texture.

• Crystalline – This form is taken through the wringer and goes through as many extraction phases as needed until all that left is pure 99% CBD. No plant matter in sight.

• Wax – Has a firm and waxy texture but will break up with a little pressure.

• Shatter – The most popular because it’s easy to use, very potent, and less messy compared to other forms. It breaks into pieces when you tap it with the dabbing wand, hence the name.

How To Dab CBD – Tools

There are a few extra components involved in dabbing compared to using a regular water pipe or vape pen.

Dab Rig

A dab rig looks very similar to a water pipe or bong. In fact, many bongs can be turned into a dab rig with an extension piece. It holds the nail, captures the vapor, and has the mouthpiece which you’ll inhale from when dabbing.


Despite the name, this piece looks more like a bowl or bolt. You’ll use a butane torch to heat it up before applying the concentrate to it. Quartz, ceramic, and titanium are the three types of nails you’ll find — purists prefer the former two for a cleaner flavor.

Carb Cap Dabber

This pops onto the nail to protect yourself from touching the nail when vaping from the mouthpiece on the dab rig.

Dabber or Wand

You use this little dude to pick up your concentrate and place it on the nail to heat it.


Has to be a butane torch as a regular lighter will not heat the nail enough.

How to Dab CBD

Get all your equipment in place and remember to be careful since you’re using a flame to heat up a piece that can reach 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

1. Start by taking your torch, turning it on, and placing the flame directly on the nail if it’s titanium — don’t put it directly on the nail if it’s glass. Most people like heating the nail up til it’s red, but that’s often too hot and will destroy some of the cannabinoids. Aim for when you just start to see the nail turn pinkish and pull the flame away — usually, this takes around 20 seconds.

2. Remember to turn your torch off and wait 40 to 60 seconds for the nail to cool before using. While it’s cooling take your wand and grab a tiny bit of concentrate. Go small because it’s easy to overdo.

3. Throw your cap over the nail and place the tip of the wand with the concentrate to directly on the nail.

4. Inhale slowly while rotating the wand, so all the CBD concentrate is getting touched by the nail.



Dabbing CBD is a great way to feel immediate relief with extremely potent dosages. The use of the butane torch might seem a little daunting at first, but it’s really not.

If you find out that dabbing is your preferred method of consuming CBD, consider an E-nail & Electronic Dab Rig. While they are a bit expensive, they don’t require a torch and have an adjustable and constant heat source, so you get the most out of your concentrate.