What are Feminized Hemp Seeds?

One thing that many of us take for granted is that when we plant something, it grows, and it produces fruit or a vegetable, a flower or a bud of some sort. That said, in the plant world there do exist male and female versions of plants and this is how they pollinate and fertilize each other.

Male plants pollinate the seeds of female plants in many species of plants – even in hybrid corn that is used for seed corn.


What Is Feminized Hemp Seed?

Cannabis plants that are planted and grown as you would any plant are capable of producing both male and female seeds. The female plant is the one used for cloning hemp, which is much faster than planting from seed, but this requires that you have more female plants, which ultimately come from seed.

If a grower starts his project with regular seed, he stands a chance of having 50% or more of his plants being male, which is a significant disadvantage. Having plants that produce mostly female seeds is highly preferred. They have learned how to make this happen.

In the past, growers simply planted twice what they thought they would need, especially when growing for flower because only the female will flower. This is a lot of extra work, as you might imagine. What if there was a better way?

By planting with feminized seeds, growers can streamline their entire process, from planting to cultivation. They can plant less, saving both time and money in the long run as well. When the process is smooth, it saves money and gains time. It is simply more efficient all the way around.


Regulations and Restrictions

Growers are limited to the number of plants that they can grow, due to the intense scrutiny of the process by which they must apply for and be approved as a grower. They are then only allowed a certain number of plants.

This may now make even more sense to you why growers would prefer feminized seed. It guarantees them a certain amount of income versus playing a guessing game that isn’t entirely unlike rolling dice at a craps table in Vegas. No one likes gambling with their income.

This puts more pressure on growers and if a small grower were to happen to have 75% or more of their plants be male, they could potentially go out of business over the losses they may suffer. It takes resources and time to grow the plants for long enough to determine if they are male or female and by then, they’ve spend a fortune.


How to Feminize Seeds

One method is to stress a female plant that is in good health and top condition. This is done by turning lights off and causing her cycle to be disrupted during flowering. While this method can work, it isn’t as much of a sure thing as the following method.

Spraying the female plants with either colloidal silver or thiosulphate solution will control the sex of the seeds without any chemical or genetic intervention. It is a natural way to control the number of female seeds.

The silver solution causes a disruption in the production of ethylene. This hormone is one that helps in the flowering of the plant. The end result is that you have a female plant that produces male flowers with pollen sacs.

The pollen sacs only typically develop on a female plant and only carry female genetics, so you’ve now got a male and female plant that will produce seeds that are all female because it is passing on only female genetics to its seeds. 


Hemp Seed Oil and Its Benefits

You’ve heard of hemp most certainly. It’s used for the plant fibers, it is also the source of most commercial CBD oils that are sold nationwide, and maybe you’ve even noticed hemp seeds at the supermarket? What is hemp oil? It’s a great question about a fantastic product and we’ll be happy to explain it to you in brief.


Where Does It Come From?

This oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant. This oil is free of any THC so you have absolutely no chance of testing positive for a marijuana test, don’t worry.

It’s an earthy flavored oil that has some of the terpenes of the hemp plant that will give it that earthy smell and flavor. The seeds of the plant have no THC and this is why they can be sold at the grocery store as well.


What Is It Used For?

More often than not, hemp seed oil is used in skincare products because it has been shown to benefit the skin and reduce signs of aging.

This oil acts like the Fountain of Youth for many people and is added easily into skin creams and other products. Hemp seeds are filled with linoleic acid and oleic acids that benefit the skin and have an anti-aging effect on it.

When consumed as seeds, the same anti-aging effect can be had and the body benefits from the wonderful nutrition of the seeds that are packed with all of the essential amino acids for the body to thrive. This makes it an amazing superfood, full of omega oils.

When the oil is extracted from the seeds, it holds these same omega-rich oils within it and benefits the skin by interacting with the cells directly at the surface of the body.


It’s an incredibly simple solution that is saving growers money and producing more cannabis plants than could be grown before, in less space.