What is Green Sativa: A Strong Hybrid Strain

The industry standard for weed is to rate it orange, green, or purple depending on the type of strain that it is. For example, orange indicates a sativa strain that will give you energy and make you feel a cerebral high. Purple labeled products are indica strains, offering relaxation and sedation.


Green Sativa


When products are labeled as green, they are hybrids of the two. You may feel a wide variety of effects from this hybrid that can more sativa or indica.

Therefore a green sativa will be a hybrid strain that has a tendency to lean more toward the cerebral highs and energy of the sativa strains. It may also boast some characteristics of the indica, such as relaxation or an added pain management benefit.


Strains known for being green are:

●    God’s Green Crack

●     Green Dream

●     Green Ribbon

●     Green Avenger

●     Lime Green Skunk

●     Green Kush

●     Green Hornet

●     Green Candy

●     Green Monster


Reasons to create strains that have sativa and indica are to manipulate certain characteristics to give added value to people who are taking medical marijuana for specific reasons. By specializing hybrids to meet the needs of those, for example, with fibromyalgia, growers can create strains that are more popular and help with symptoms more generally than just hitting one or two points for people.


Marijauna is No Longer Your Grandmother’s Protest Poster Plant

Back in the sixties when Woodstock was making history, cannabis was being grown in coffee cans in basements. Protesters had ‘smoke ins’ to protest the illegalization of marijuana and what Americans had was primarily coming from a handful of lines, or strains.

Today, hundreds of different strains of marijuana are available due to the medical marijuana industry that has blown the doors off what growers can create with some manipulation and careful attention to detail.


Green Sativa


What Is the Most Potent Strain of Sativa?

There are several strains that are very potent and ultimately, it is up to the user but without question, the two most potent strains for you to pick from are:

1. Amnesia Haze – it is very potent and will leave you feeling ready to take control of the world, enthusiastic and supercharged. It is a much-favored stain in Amsterdam where people openly smoke in coffee shops. It can make you feel a bit paranoid if you are not a seasoned used, however, due to the potency.

2. Ghost Train Haze – This is a very powerful strain that is also not for the novice user. It can make users paranoid do to the enormous power of this plant. It can contain as much as 25+% of THC and that packs a hard punch but fills you with cerebral high that gives you a creative boost you may never have experienced before.


How Potent is Green Crack?

This hybrid is approximately 16% THC so considered a wise choice for those who need to function well during the day. You’ll be emotionally lifted for hours. The structure of the plant is more indicative of Indica and it leaves you feeling calm and happy for hours.


Sativa vs Indica

Traditionally, the primary difference between Sativa vs Indica is the type of high they deliver. Sativas tend to elevate the mood and improve focus. It is the favorite of artists, musicians, and creatives.

Indicas lean more toward a body high, in contrast to the head high of the Sativa strains. Sadly, Sativa plants take longer to grow and they have fewer flowers, which are the buds harvested for use. Therefore, it takes more time, money, and energy to grow and harvest the Sativa strains.

Hybrids of indica and Sativa now exist to take full advantage of higher levels of CBD for some conditions such as epilepsy, while delivering less THC so that the high isn’t so intense that people can’t function either at work or in daily life.

Conversely, there are strains that have been developed to give patients such a head high that they are unaware of pain for hours.

These are also proving to be more profitable and take less effort to cultivate and look after than the pure Sativa strains, allowing growers to take advantage of the Sativa traits that are most desirable while having the profitability of the Indica plants.

This can be an incredible medical advantage for people who are suffering from painful conditions and being treated for things like cancer. For people who are wanting to fight joint pain of arthritis but don’t care about the head high, and would prefer not to have it, the Sativa hybrids – green Sativa – are the best route for them.

No matter what the need you have is, there is a type of medical marijuana that is perfect for you so the best thing to do is to research very carefully what strains others with your condition are using. Talk to a specialist in a medical marijuana dispensary and use a doctor who is familiar with the strains that are perfected for your condition as well.

Doctors who prescribe medical marijuana are sometimes a wealth of knowledge when it comes to strains that other patients are seeing success with, especially in fighting cancer or dealing with extreme anxiety.

It’s likely that we will see even more strains developed over the next few years as growers have time and more money. Plus, more states are legalizing medical marijuana as this is being written. That means that the market is bigger and will demand more choices.


How Can You Tell the Difference Between Sativa and Indica?

Visually, the plants are very similar in structure but there are some key ways in which they differ. Sativa plants will grow as tall as 20 feet and they are thin. Their branches are longer and will take as long as 16 weeks to mature.

Indica plants, on the other hand, are shaped a bit more like a pine tree with the stems remaining shorter and bushier. It will be fully mature in 6 to 8 weeks. This is an incredible difference in time, but it yields far less with only approximately 2 ounces per plant. Meanwhile, the Sativa can yield up to 2 pounds per plant.

It may seem very confusing at first, but the more you get to know about how the Sativa vs indica strains are used, the more you’ll understand the benefits of the green hybrids as well.


CBD Oil Sativa vs Indica

In order to be legally sold, CBD oil must have less than .03% THC. For that reason, it will tend to be a heavily Sativa strain from which it is extracted.

Most CBD oil is taken from commercially grown Industrial Hemp. For this reason, the overall Sativa vs Indica arguments are truly as important. All fields must test at under .03% THC in order to be used for CBD oil that can be sold to the masses.


Are There 100% Sativa Strains?

In short, the answer is no. Now, more than ever, hybrid plants are popularized due to the legalization of weed around the world. This has opened the door to creating strains specifically to suit medical needs and necessitated the hybridization in order to facilitate the growth and characteristics in demand.

Marijuana has changed a great deal and cannabis, as a species of plant, has changed so much that someone who stepped out of history would not recognize the plants of today.