What is a Hemp Heart?

Hemp hearts are the seeds of the hemp plant. They are full of fiber and rich in antioxidants. Some claim that these seeds are better addition to the diet than pine nuts and are the perfect Omega supplement because they contain all three omegas – omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 oils, respectively.

Let’s Talk Hearts

Hemp hearts that is! Hemp is one of the most renewable crops on the planet, reaching maturity in 120 days. Every single part of the hemp plant can be used and the seeds of the plant are delicious and nutritious.

A great source of fiber, these seeds can help you with weight management, so they’re often added to salads as a topping, or included in healthy smoothies. You’ll feel more satisfied with a spoonful of hemp seeds added to your meal replacement shake, giving you the sensation of being full for much longer.

Hemp seeds have a nutty flavor and are roughly 30% fat, but a whopping 25% of their value is from protein. This makes the hemp seeds the perfect nutritional food, containing so much of all nutrients that they are indeed a super food.

Even flax seeds, chia seeds, and pine nuts do not stand up to the nutritional value of hemp seeds which are quickly gaining popularity. They are available in grocery store chains all around the US, including big box chains like Target and Walmart.

Hemp seeds are rich in vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.  They are a better source for your vitamins than taking a vitamin, to be honest. They are real food that will be absorbed and used quickly by your body, accompanied by omega fatty acids that boost your immune system in the process.

Heart to Heart

Heart disease kills more people in the world than anything else. Hemp seeds can reduce the risk of heart disease because of the high amounts of amino acid they contain. The gamma-linoleic acid in hemp seeds can reduce inflammation which can add to the risk of heart disease. Reducing inflammation is one step you can take in reducing the risk.

When studied in animal testing, hemp seeds were shown to potentially lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of clots forming in the blood that can lower risking of stroke and help the heart heal after a heart attack.

Hemp seeds can also help to keep the skin free of inflammation that causes acne, giving you a clear complexion that glows radiantly. The immune system boost from the essential fatty acids help to improve the levels of fatty acids in the blood that can improve skin for those with eczema, dry skin, and redness.

Getting Tough on Hemp

You’ll get strong from the big boost in protein that hemp seeds provide. 2 to 3 tablespoons added to a salad or shake can give you as much as 11 grams of protein. That’s a big boost. Protein is essential to building muscle tissues and fibers so this can be a great supplement if you are an athlete or weightlifter who is trying to bulk.

You’ll feel very full from the fiber and the protein burns more slowly, giving you energy throughout the rest of the day. Hemp seeds are considered a complete protein, comparable to quinoa.

Hemp seeds are known to aid in digestion, and provide support to the immune system which may provide additional support during menopause and menstruation for women. This may also be due to the high amount of magnesium in the seeds.

Magnesium is responsible for nearly 300 different metabolic functions and women with magnesium deficiency will notice irritability, cramping, bloat and other issues when they are having the menstrual cycle. It’s worth giving the seeds a try if this is your typical menstrual cycle.

No, You Can’t Get High

While hemp is cannabis, it isn’t the same kind of cannabis that causes you to get high. In fact, there is no THC in hemp seeds at all.

You cannot get high. You will enjoy the benefits of feeling better through better health. You’ll enjoy more consistency in bowel movements thanks to the fiber in them. You’ll enjoy the way your hair, skin, and nails look, thanks to the fatty acids that are essential to so many functions in your body.

You might enjoy fewer issues with colds and the illnesses that everyone else seems to get because they aren’t enjoying the immune system boost that you are getting from your hemp seeds. Maybe you should have a heart and share your secret?

There is no doubt that all of the great vitamins and minerals in hemp seeds will lead to heart health in the end. In this day and age where heart disease is the number one killer out there, most people will welcome every opportunity that they have to lower their risk.

Even after a heart attack or stroke, a daily dose of hemp seeds can aid in your recovery and help to improve the odds that you won’t suffer another heart attack or stroke. So no, you can’t get high as far as being stoned, from hemp seeds. You can get high on life and start enjoying yours more fully, beginning today if you want.

They are Legal

Hemp seeds are available at the grocery store you shop at, most likely. They can be purchased online as well. They are legal in all fifty states as are all hemp goods now. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp products are legal to grow, possess, and use. You’ll be glad that you tried them because they taste great.


You’ll find them a delicious addition to almost any meal you eat. You can also take them alone and enjoy them as a treat. They have a consistency like pine nuts with a meaty center. You can also purchase hemp seed oil if you prefer to use that as a way to make a salad dressing. You can also purchase hemp seed oil in many retailers nationwide.