What is Hemp Tea?

You have probably heard of hemp. You’ve likely also heard about CBD made from hemp, but have you heard about hemp tea? If you aren’t drinking it yet, you should. We’ll tell you why.


How is it Made?

Teas are traditionally made with ‘tea leaves’ and it originated in Asia. Steeping leaves in hot water produces a drink infused with the flavor, and nutrition, of the leaves. Hemp leaves can be used to steep tea in the very same way.

Hemp leaves will produce a tea that is green, don’t let this bother you. It is a normal color from the plant being at its maturity when the CBD content is at the most highest levels they will reach.


Will it Make You High?

You cannot get high from hemp tea. While there is CBD in it, there is not enough THC to be noticeable at all. You can’t get high. While there is CBD in the tea, it isn’t water soluble, so in order to gain effect from it and help your body process it, you should add some milk with fat into your tea, or use butter as some people do in their coffee.

Just a dab is all you need. If you prefer coconut oil, to add a bit of flavor you can certainly add that as well. Mix it up from day to day for some variety if you like.


How Do I Make This Tea?

Hemp tea is made like any other tea. You’ll use ground, dried hemp seeds or leaves. You will steep this in hot water for two to three minutes, longer if you prefer a hot tea. You may add honey if you love that in your other teas. It can be had as an afternoon tea or a way to start your day in the morning.


Why Drink Hemp Tea?

Hemp tea or CBD tea is brimming with antioxidants. If you’ve not heard how wonderful these are for you, you’ve surely been living under a rock or in a cave somewhere far away from the media. Antioxidants are good for boosting your immune system and driving out free radicals, which may be responsible for causing cancer.

It is full of vitamins and minerals that support a healthy body, plus the CBD in the tea is also good for helping to keep the cardiovascular system healthy, reduce blood pressure and risk of stroke. CBD has also been said to have a positive impact on pain and inflammation according to research conducted on laboratory mice and rats.

With the benefits of CBD, hemp tea can help you relax, focus your thoughts, even sleep better at night. Many people with chronic conditions have been using CBD oil as a way to help support their bodies to decrease pain and reduce symptoms associated with things like:

●     Cancer treatment

●     Parkinson’s disease

●     Crohn’s disease

●     Multiple Sclerosis

●     Fibromyalgia

●     Epilepsy seizures

●     Blood sugar regulation

●     Arthritis pain

●     Addiction withdrawal symptoms

●     Insomnia and sleep disruptions

And more. This is a short list of the type of things people have been using CBD for and while much still is being researched and data isn’t fully collected or available on all of the above situations, there are experiments ongoing on nearly every situation listed.

When interviews are conducted for the purposes of collecting data from people using CBD, invariable the results show that a large percentage of users report gaining relief from symptoms when they take CBD.

As far as side effects, there are very few negative side effects and even those are rare. Some people may experience diarrhea from CBD. Also there are very rare cases of individuals who have allergic reactions to hemp. You should always use some caution when using a new product, especially if you’ve been prone to a food allergy before.