How Can I Control the Odor in My Indoor Cannabis Garden?

Growing your own indoor cannabis garden is a worthwhile project that can save you hundreds of dollars for your private use or earn you money if you become licensed to sell your product in your state. Growing indoors is a preferred method so that you can control climate and light exposure, enabling you to control the stages of growth and production for your plants.

One downside, however, is that you may begin having smell issues in your home if you have a cannabis garden. Many people opt to use a separate building but if this is not an option for you, then you’ll want some pointers on how you can potentially keep the smell down.

We’ll aim to give you some good advice and ways that you can easily utilize to keep that dank, musty smell from taking over your entire home. Afterall, you don’t want the entire world to know your business and the smell of marijuana is one that everybody recognizes, even your grandmother.

Ways to Control Grow Room Odor

Carbon Filters – Carbon filters are the absolute best solution for odors. They can remove even the most obnoxious smells from an environment. If you enclosed your plants in a separate room or even a small tent around a few plants, and install a carbon filter, you will not smell a single thing in the rest of the house. A carbon scrubber uses activated charcoal and pushes air through the carbon filter to remove odors.

Setting up an exhaust fan to push the air through your filter, on its way out of the tent or room, is the best way to remove the smells and set your system up. As the warmer air of your grow room is pulled out and scrubbed through the activated charcoal filters, the smells are removed and you’ll be amazed at how fresh and weed-free it smells.

Carbon filters are not overly expensive, are not overly difficult to set in place and they last a very long time between changings. Make sure that your grow room is sealed off airtight or install a tent. Set-up a filtration system, using a fan to pull or push the air from the room and force it through the filter.

Install a filtration system using your grow light cooling fans …

The grow lights with 6 inch fans are ideal. Size some 6 inch ductwork up to the fan and it will pull the air from the room in, cool the grow light and run it out the other side, where you attach your carbon filtration. It is best to use the grow lights with 6 inch fans for this purpose as those that are smaller will not likely have the power to push the air through that you need.

Make sure the “CFM” rating of the carbon filter is the same as the one listed on your fan. This ensures safety and efficiency. This makes sure your carbon filter is only taking in as much air as it can effective scrub for odors without overwhelming your system or causing an overheat or anything that can harm your fans or your grow light.

You hot air should be pulled into the grow light and exit the opposite side where the exhaust fan pushes it on through the carbon scrubber filtration system.

In Emergency Situations

You are having unexpected company and you have a smell to get rid of right away, or you’ve been using your oven for some drying and realize that it has created an intense smell in the house.

In a case like this, you can quickly use an exhaust fan over the top of a carbon filter and push the room air through it and allow the air to exist the filter right back into the room. It will remove odors relatively fast and doesn’t require anything special. Just lay a fan on top of a filter if that’s all you’ve got.

It will work in a pinch and no one will be the wiser in twenty minutes.

If you only have a few plants, or you’ve smoked in the house and need to rid the air of the smell as soon as possible, use odor neutralizers. One of the best ones on the market it Ozium. It works immediately and the smells completely seem to vanish. It works for cigarettes, cigars, weed, and bathroom odors too.

Don’t use plugins and a can of Glade, they just don’t work. They aren’t strong enough and only cover the smells up temporarily. Use a true odor neutralizer that entrap the terpene causing the odor and seal it up so you can’t smell it anymore.

ONA block is another neutralizer that works well. It stands for Odor Neutralizing Agent. You may pay extra for these when a can of Glade is around a dollar at the discount store, but in the long run you will save money. It isn’t worth it in the end to keep buying cheap stuff that doesn’t work. One good can of Ozium can last you for months and it smells really nice and sanitary, a little bit like Lysol.

There are a few options for you when it comes to ridding your home of the odor of weed so that no one knows your personal business but you. The investment in a carbon filter system that scrubs your air clean is not hugely expensive and well-worth the time and effort.

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