10 Biggest Myths and Misconceptions About CBD

There are many things about CBD that people believe but are simply not true. This is based on assumptions, rumors, and the spread of information from sources that are just not reliable. You should do some research if you are considering using CBD oil but make sure that your sources are credible and not hyped websites trying to give you misinformation to suit their own needs.

The aim of this is to set the record straight in regard to CBD oil and some of the beliefs that people have, in regard to this product, that are myth, not fact.

1) CBD makes you high – This statement is 100% untrue. It is scientifically proven that it is impossible to get high from CBD products. THC is the chemical in marijuana that leads to the euphoric high that is believed to also happen from CBD use by many people because CBD is also a cannabinoid. Just because it comes from the same plants, CBD is not a psychoactive ingredient. It doesn’t bind with any CB Receptors in the brain, the way that THC does. This is why CBD is sold virtually everywhere these days. CBD must contain less than .03% THC to be available to consumers and all reputable companies have third-party testing done to prove they are in compliance. CBD has been studied extensively with zero evidence of any psychoactive effect.

2) It is a cure for anything – CBD is not a cure for anything at all. If this is your expectation, put the bottle down and walk away. What CBD can do, however, is give tremendous relief from pain and body responses associated with chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases and constant pain from genetic conditions or injuries. If a company is marketing CBD as a cure for anything, they are not being truthful and shouldn’t be trusted. CBD is a wonderful remedy for many things that can enhance your life when used as it should be. With proper expectations, you will not be disappointed with CBD use.

3) CBD oil and marijuana are the same things – This is patently false. Anyone making this statement has no clue what they are talking about. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that impacts the brain, causing euphoria and hallucinations. CBD is a different chemical that is also found in the cannabis plants but is not impactful on the brain at all. They are ingredients from the plant that make the whole plant, but separately they are nothing at all alike. THe share a similar molecular shape which identifies them as a cannabinoid, specific to cannabis plants. There are over 80 different cannabinoids and most of them do not have the impact that THC has on the brain.

4) CBD may not be safe for kids or pets – This statement is without merit. Children have been using CBD products for many years to help control seizure activity. The results have been so positive that the FDA has given their stamp of approval to a medication made from CBD that is made exclusively for those who suffer from epilepsy. Research has proven that no harm has come to children using CBD oil. Pets are also being given CBD oils with positive results in helping with behavioral issues and as a pain treatment as well.

5) Pure CBD is better than whole plant CBD – When it comes to the effectiveness of CBD, this statement is false for most people. As mentioned before, there are several other cannabinoids in cannabis and they work together to help some conditions better than CBD will work alone. This is referred to as the entourage effect. On the other hand, if you are making this statement because of concern over failing a drug test, then pure CBD would be better in that case. Since there is a small trace of THC in whole plant CBD (also called full spectrum CBD), there is a slight chance that you could test positive for marijuana use if using that version of CBD. This statement is neither true or false, it is a qualified statement based on which scenario you find yourself in.

6) CBD isn’t effective without THC – This is not a true statement as CBD works alone for many issues that people find gives them much relief. That said, other issues may best be assisted with the presence of THC too. This is why medical marijuana is so important for some people that CBD alone cannot help but THC greatly impacts the benefits to their health. Cancer patients do best with combinations of THC and CBD and those who are hurting with nerve pain also enjoy more relief from THC/CBD combinations found in medical marijuana. It is also possible to get marijuana oil with CBD in it from dispensaries in states that have legalized medical marijuana.

7) CBD somehow turns to THC in the body – This is false. CBD cannot turn into THC. They are two completely different compounds that come from compounds with a larger number of atoms that also differ. There was some research done many years ago that seem to point to evidence that this could happen, but scientists have researched this thoroughly and in-depth. There is no evidence that CBD can significantly turn into THC in the body, though traces may be found.

8) It just makes you sleepy – This statement is confused with medical marijuana, which can make many people drowsy and have a sedative effect. CBD use actually improves mental function and makes people have a better mental focus in tasks at hand. The benefits to those with ADHD are nearly astounding. If you are using CBD oil, you will feel alert and wide awake when you should be, with an elevated mood. You will also not experience ‘the munchies’ as you do with marijuana use. CBD is a regulator of metabolism and appetite. If you have lacked an appetite, then it will increase with CBD oil. Conversely, if you are an overeater, you’ll see a reduction in the food you eat while using CBD products.

9) It’s all the same – Not all CBD is created equal. Some CBD is grown organically while other versions come from countries such as China which have contaminated soil. CBD from other countries has tested positive for heavy metals and toxins. You should seek CBD oil that is from hemp grown in the USA, where it is regulated heavily. Hemp can absorb chemicals from the soil it is planted in very easily so that soil should be tested and regulated. Marijuana and Hemp are two different plants that happen to both belong to the cannabis family. Marijuana is made-up of Endica and Sativa strains which differ in the breeding for specific purposes, for the most part. Hemp is industrialized and used for fibers and textiles. These are definitely not all the same. The growth of cannabis plants is very carefully regulated in this country and the industry has the power to provide safety to you, as well as jobs for your neighbors. Keep the money here at home.

10) It’s against the law – This is a myth that takes some explaining. So far, there are four states left in which CBD oil from marijuana is totally illegal. If it is from hemp, it is not illegal. The other states, of which there are 46, specifically allow CBD from marijuana as long as the level of THC In that oil falls under .03% (in most states, some allow for slightly more). You should check with your state’s rules on this specifically. You can, therefore, have CBD oil in your possession in all 50 states, provided that you follow the rules for the type of oil that you are allowed to have in that state. Most CBD being sold on the market is now made from hemp, just so that it can be shipped easily to all 50 states. Hemp contains naturally low amounts of THC, which makes extraction of THC from the final product easy.

The bottom line is that you should be careful to check the rules for the state in which you live. You should not believe all of the information that you’ve been told about CBD vs. THC. There is a great deal of misinformation but this is slowly being eradicated as more people like yourself take the time to learn the truth.

Be an advocate for CBD and hemp use. It will put more farmers to work and create more jobs within that industry. CBD research has led to some amazing finds and results for the way it relieves symptoms for some many conditions. We know it isn’t a cure for anything at all, even though it has remarkable powers to help humans. Perhaps one day it will be a cure or lead to cures for conditions that we only dream about today?

Research is being conducted all around the world right now, attempting to solve questions that scientists have, concerning the usefulness of hemp and all of the other cannabinoids that are in the plant. Over 80 cannabinoids exist; these could all have uses that haven’t even been tapped into as of yet.