Nano-Enhanced CBD Oil: All the Facts You Need to Know


You’ve very likely heard of CBD oil unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years.

It is sold in all fifty states and everywhere you turn, you see it for sale.

You may have heard about the positive benefits of using CBD oil and been interested in it, but now you are seeing nano-enhanced CBD oil for sale and you’re completely baffled.

In short, nano-enhanced CBD Oil is better than regular CBD oil.

It’s essentially CBD that is supercharged with the help of technology.

Don’t worry. In this post, we’ll explain to you what nano-enhanced CBD is, how it works, and why you should use it.

We’ll cover all of the important facts that you need to know before deciding what oil to purchase, so read on.


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Is Nano CBD Better?

You most likely already know that CBD has been helping people from all walks of life to live their lives without pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, skin issues, and more. The feedback on CBD oil has been phenomenal over the past few years.

It’s no wonder that researchers have worked hard to learn all they possibly could about CBD and enhance it even further in the process. Nano CBD is one of the by-products of years of research.

“Nano” is short for the word nanotechnology. It refers to the molecular manipulation of particles. CBD, as you likely know, is cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a compound found naturally in hemp plants, along with many other plant compounds.

This CBD is extracted and mixed with a carrier oil, often coconut oil, and sold by the bottle. Its impact as an anti-inflammatory has drawn the attention of athletes all over the world, elderly citizens who suffer from arthritis pain, and anyone else who lives with some level of discomfort that can be alleviated with its use.

People who worry about daily use of ibuprofen are switching to CBD oil because it has no derogatory effects on the body, namely the stomach.

There is no risk in using CBD oil and it hasn’t been shown to interfere with most drugs on the market. Speak to your doctor about interactions if you are on prescriptions for health conditions to ensure that CBD oil is safe for you.

What is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Used For?

Nano CBD is broken down into particles that are a billionth of a meter in size. This enhances the ability of the CBD to find its way into joints and microscopic places in the body, passing through cell walls and more.

By making broad spectrum CBD oil nano-enhanced, the efficacy of the CBD is improved vastly.

The smaller the particles are, the easier they are dissolved into the bloodstream, where they can be carried to every organ in the body and every cell. This brings relief and promotes healing more quickly and efficiently.

These incredibly tiny particles can permeate the cell walls of any cell in the body with ease. This makes a true cellular-level healing experience for the user. A nano-enhanced hemp oil repair and maintenance formula can be used daily, as often as needed, by someone recovering from an injury such as a muscle tear.

It can also be used by someone with a seizure disorder for ongoing assistance in decreasing the level of seizures experienced. No matter what the need, this product is smaller, therefore more powerful and effective while being the same safe CBD product.


The tinier particles, known as nano-particles, increase the bio availability of the CBD, meaning that the body can more readily absorb and use them. For people in pain or suffering from debilitating symptoms related to a chronic illness, this increased bio availability can mean using less per dose and faster positive results.

In fact, due to the ability of the nano-CBD’s ability to find and bond with the body’s CBD and CB2 receptors, relief can come as fast as 4x more quickly. That’s a huge reason to use Nano-CBD oil.


Which Form of CBD Is Most Effective?

While both forms of CBD are effective, Nano-CBD Oil can go to work faster and take a smaller dose. For the user, this means fewer doses, longer relief between doses, and faster relief after taking a dose.

Nano-CBD oil may cost more but be more cost-effective overall as well. Since it works more efficiently within the body, you’ll likely use far less than you normally would with regular CBD, even full-spectrum versions of CBD oil products.

When it comes to CBD products, full-spectrum is the best but you might be surprised to find out that in these products there is a slight amount of THC. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the cannabinoid responsible for the high effect of marijuana. It’s a psychoactive ingredient that is not allowed in legally bottled CBD oil.

This absence of THC is how the CBD can be sold in all fifty states. We just told you that it is present, however. Confused? Don’t be. The amount of THC in CBD products is very small. To be precise, it is under .03% and it is tested to make sure because anything over that amount must be destroyed and not sold.

Crops that test too high are often destroyed because that hemp cannot be used for CBD products legally. This small amount of THC will not impact your ability to drive, work, or think in the same way that large amounts in marijuana can.

One caveat is that if you use full-spectrum CBD daily, you could potentially test positive for a drug test that is checking THC levels in your system. Any THC will show as a positive test. This is the only reason you must use caution and act accordingly when choosing a full-spectrum product.

In some states, you could be issued a citation for driving under the influence if you are found to have even a trace of THC in your blood, so this is something to consider and you should know the laws in your state. Also, don’t assume that other states will be the same as the state that you are from if you are driving through multiple states.


Is Nano CBD Full-Spectrum?

Nano full-spectrum CBD is the norm. This means that the CBD was extracted from the plant, along with all the other phytocannabinoids, except THC.

There are over 100 cannabinoids present in hemp and they have all received quite a lot of research in these most recent two years. Scientists from all over the world, at university and private laboratories and research facilities, have found that all of the other cannabinoids have properties that make them therapeutic for various things.

The most intriguing fact that is now well-known is that when multiple cannabinoids are present together, they will work to help each other be more effective. This is known as the entourage effect. Only full-spectrum CBD can provide this benefit so it makes sense that nano CBD would be full-spectrum.

Nano CBD plus other things used together can be supercharged enhancements to your body to help you heal and feel better. Things like turmeric, for example, are also being combined with CBD to add antioxidant value and natural pain-relieving properties to the mix.

If you think that nano-enhanced hemp oil prime my body might be right for you, then you should buy some and use them for your own decision. Many CBD users are ecstatic about their results while others may seem lukewarm in their reviews. This is typically due to not using the right dosage for themselves.

CBD is a product that you can typically use as needed. Therefore, you’ve got a lot of leeway to determine your dosage. The rule of thumb is to start with a smaller dose, as recommended by the packaging, and then slowly increase your dosage until you feel relief and improvement.

You should give your body at least a few days between increasing dosages.

Should you increase your dosage too rapidly, you may experience stomach cramps, headaches (more rarely), or diarrhea (most commonly) and these will all cease if you stop your doses for a day or two, then begin again, moving more slowly the next time. Slow and easy until you find the right amount for you.

If you are a CBD user who feels that you are using more than you’d like, possibly your greatest benefit with the nano-CBD oil will be that you can go back to using less with even better benefits to your health. For those who are just starting, begin with the smallest amount recommended and start to increase after your body adjusts.

CBD oil is safe for humans of all ages, including children. Even pets can enjoy the benefits of using CBD oil so don’t hesitate to consider your aging pet or a pet who is in pain.

CBD can help them with the aches and pains of growing old or recovery from an injury, just as it can humans. Shop for Nano-CBD oil for you or your pet today and start feeling better immediately.