Easy THC & CBD Clone Strains to Grow for Beginners

So you want to grow cannabis, but there are a lot of different strains out there and some are incredibly difficult to grow, and this can make it difficult finding one that’s great for beginners.

Cannabis is a very malleable plant and can be manipulated to create so many different strains. But this is good, because with a little research you can find one that perfectly meets all your needs from your growing environment to your desired high.

Today, we are taking a look at the three best strains for beginners. We chose three strains that are all fairly easy to grow, but all have very different highs.

So whether you love a lot of THC and intoxicating euphoria or prefer a balance high that works great for on the go, we’ve got you covered.

Why Clones Over Seeds?

There are a lot of advantages to picking clones over planting hemp seeds.

Clones can help cut your growing time down by 2-4 weeks.

They are also identical to their mother plant, meaning you can get a much better idea as to how your plant will grow. Most strains present two to three phenotypes, and sometimes there can be big discrepancies between them depending on the strain. When starting with a seed, you’ll have no idea what phenotype it is until you’re much later into your grow.

With a clone, you’ll know whether it wants to grow tall or short, how resilient it is against diseases, how much light it likes in veg, and which plant training techniques it does best with.

Another great advantage of picking a clone is you can see how well the plant is already growing and chose only the best. When growing from seeds, many growers plant multiple and only choose the ones that turn into the strongest seedlings, throwing out any weaklings. Seeds cost money through, and you are throwing some money away when you do that, but with clones that doesn’t have to happen.

Top 3 Best Strains For Beginners

Blue Dream

Blue Dream has joined the rank of classic strains like White Widow, Northern Lights, OG Kush, and Charlotte’s Web.

In fact, Blue Dream has dominated grow rooms and dispensaries far-and-wide for the last several years, and there is a big reason why.

It’s easy to grow and delivers a nice balanced euphoric high that can help with several medical conditions such as anxiety, IBS, migraines, and cancer.

Blue Dream is great for beginners because the strain is particularly hardy against powdery mildew, mold, and root rot.  It grows to about medium height but can put out yields that rival bigger growing strains. It hails from sunny California so make give it plenty of light, and you’ll be golden and green.

Due to its immense popularity, it’s easy to find Blue Dream clones, and most have fantastic and stable genetics.

Blue Dream is a 60/40% sativa/indica mix and contains around 18% THC to 1-3% CBD.

Gorilla Glue

While Blue Dream has been the most popular cannabis strain of the last five years, it may be Gorilla Glue that net to take the mantle.

Unlike Blue Dream’s more upbeat high, GG wants you to chill out and relax, and if you’re looking for a great medical strain, this is your guy. GG stays pretty short making it great for indoor growing, but make sure you do some plant training to expose as many cola spots as possible — GG is a really bushy, dense, and stout plant.

GG strains are known for their solid genetics that produces plants that are not fickle about their environment or the nutrients they get.

The flowers will become ridiculously crystally as the resin production is extremely high and contains some of the highest levels of THC. In fact, the way the resin will gunk up your scissors when trimming is how this strain originally got its name.

Due to its popularity, you will have no issue finding Gorilla Glue clones that will blossom into cannabis plant that are beyond belief.

Gorilla Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid with 28% THC, which is a lot for most people, however, if you want even more THC, check out GG’s sativa-dominant sister GG #4.

Northern Lights

If you ever have the opportunity to pick up some Northern Lights clones to grow, do so! Which shouldn’t be hard as this strain achieved classic status decades ago.

Northern Lights have graced both beginner and advanced indoor grow spaces far-and-wide, and there are a few big reasons why. Northern Lights stays short, is low odor, is very resilient, and throws out densely big nugs within a short flowering time.

The one place Northern Lights isn’t good for beginners is novice tokers as this strain has way higher than normal THC levels with little CBD to balance it out. However, the high levels of THC it can deliver will delight experience tokers.

This also makes it a fantastic medical strain when you need to relax. It’s a popular strain among cancer patients as it is great for increasing appetite, reducing pain, stress, and can greatly assist in improving sleep.

Northern Lights is a great strain to pick if you’re growing outside in a colder climate. It won’t produce as much when grown in a hot climate, but the quality more than makes up for the smaller yields.

Northern Lights is a tried-and-true Indica at 95%  dominance and can hit THC percentages in the 30s.