These are 4 of the Top Cannabis Strains That Can Give You More Energy

Cannabis has come a very long way in the last thirty years. With the legalization of medical marijuana, more and more strains have been developed to help with specific chronic conditions and ailments to help people with the specific symptoms that they have.

Many people have disliked the sedative effect of marijuana and growers have been able to determine the terpenes and cannabinoids that specifically cause this effect and to develop strains that had less sedative qualities and even now are able to cultivate strains that actually help boost energy. We’ll be taking a look at the top 4 strains that can give you more energy and discussing everything that they are capable of doing for you.

Top Cannabis Strains That Can Give You More Energy

1. Chocolate Haze – If you want to continue to be a productive person who isn’t sleepy and dragging his behind all day long, this is a great variety. It gives a mood enhancing, boost of energy and it smells and tastes great too. Haze varieties are very popular in Amsterdam and all over Europe but it originated in California.

Chocolate Haze is a cross between Cannalope and OG Chocolate Thai. It’s a perfect blend. The strain is strong but pleasing to the senses. It has a THC concentration of approximately 20%, which is pretty strong but it has a boost of energy that comes with a kick almost instantly. It lasts a long time too. The effects will not wear off for several hours.

It likes to grow outdoors with plenty of sun. It can grow as tall as 200 cm and you can harvest as much as 500 grams from each plant. It takes about 9 to 10 weeks for this variety to flower if you’d like to try your hand at growing and you can do so where you live.

2. Green Punch – This strain will lay to rest any doubts that you might have had about marijuana being energizing. Back in the 70s, you would have been much harder pressed to find this in weed, but Green Punch will effectively change your mind. If you’ve got a “Honey Do” list that is a mile long, starting your day off with a Green Punch will get the ball rolling and you’ll probably have time left to spare when all is said and done.

It leaves you feeling very relaxed and mellow as far as your mood and your body is concerned, but you’ll have this abundance of energy that is just hard to explain. You’ll be in the zone too. It will hit you in the head first but eventually washes over your entire body with this amazing sensation of total relaxation.

It smells amazing, like fruit. It’s a cross between Green Crack and Purple Punch. This is a Sativa dominant strain. The buds are beautiful with hints of pink and orange. It is roughly 18-20% THC. Enough to have you feeling the effects for several hours.

3. Royal AK – This one has a smell of pine. It’s a version of AK-47 with a twist. It’s bred from Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan strains. Talk about a trip around the world. Royal AK is very potent and has a strong smell. It will give you a great high that comes from the 19% THC embodied in this strain.

It’s a stress reliever for sure, but it brings with it a euphoria that has you focused like a laser. You’ll be able to gain clarity on your problems with this one. It’s only slightly Sativa dominant and you can expect the impact to last for several hours.

It is a smoother smoke that will keep you on your game mentally, keeping you wide awake and productive.

5.  Lemon Shining Silver Haze – This strain really impacts the brain with a long-lasting high that can be a bit trippy. You should enjoy this one in micro doses, especially if you are new to marijuana. If you are a long-time blazer, this strain can seriously help you unwind and fly your starship to the moon, if you know what I mean.

This is a cross between Shining Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. It’s sweet with a citrus smell that is very appealing. It has a whopping 25% THC that will leave you relaxed and energetic. Higher doses will have you feeling trippy with a real psychedelic bang for your buck.

Sour Diesel – This strain is one of the world’s better known strains. It is found al over the world and considered a local favorite nearly everywhere. It’s a blend of Northern Light, Shiva, Hawaiian, and Original Diesel. It’s a reliable high that has a very typical effect you can always count on. Instead of the big mental high, with this one you get more of a clearing of the junk in your head which allows you to solve world problems like a modern day Plato. You’ll be really